Art on Wood

In the early seventies, Monte introduced his unique art work on aged barnwood. His newly-developed technique celebrated Canadian history by using the materials with which local farmers built their barns. Acrylic paints were blended into the very texture of the wood.

For four months, western galleries toured twenty-four paintings throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This unique exhibit called "The Heritage of Canadaâ" was seen in Moose Jaw (Monte's birthplace), Saskatoon, Brandon and Winnipeg. As well, there were major showings in Ottawa, the University of Waterloo, the Kitchener Public Library and the St.Thomas-Elgin Art Gallery, Ontario.

There was wide acceptance of this textural art form. Many people both attended the exhibits and commissioned works for themselves. The large mural depicting the history of the Kitchener Farmers' Market was the culmination of the series.

This exhibition reminded us of our roots. Today we are aware that slowly but surely the traditional, weathered barn is disappearing from our homeland. These unique works have captured our past.

Our Canadian Indian Heritage

Next Lesson - 34 x 74, one-of-a-kind
Son of Desert - 18 x 19, 5 lb., one-of-a-kind
Mr. Moses - 25 x 30, 18 lb., one-of-a-kindChief Isaac - 30 x 32, 20 lb., one-of-a-kind

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